10 Reasons You Need To Stop Drinking Soda Today

Let’s face it, we human beings are stupid! Here’s an example for you. Even though Americans know that soda is bad for body, an average American consume 45 gallons of soda per year! You read that right, roughly 470 cans a year.

But what if we tell you that drinking soda is more even more dangerous for your health than you already know? Would you stop drinking soda now?

Here’s 10 reasons you need to stop drinking soda, today!

1. Soda Causes Obesity

Soda makes you fat! Do we need to go any further to motivate you into not drinking soda?

According to the studies, soda contains an excessive amount of calories (sugar), without any real nutritional value, which makes your body obese. In case you are wondering if diet soda is any better, our body also doesn’t know the difference between diet and the regular soda.

Though 59% of Americans are drinking diet soda to lose weight, it actually does the opposite of what we expect, grow weights (not lose it)! In some cases diet soda is even more harmful than regular soda. So be it regular, or diet soda that you are drinking, you should quit it today.

2. It Damages Your Kidney:

“What? No!”, But unfortunately yes. Research shows that soda has severe impact on you kidney. Artificial sugar that is used to make diet soda, is related to the decline of kidney functioning.

Long-time habit of drinking soda can slowly damage the way your kidney works. So if you do care about your precious kidney even a little bit, then don’t drink soda. It just not worth it!

3. You Can Have Diabetes

Diabetes is bad. Just search on web, and you will get to know just how much struggle a Diabetes patient has to go through every day. This thing that you drink (Soda, Coke or Pop, whatever you call it!) causes type-2 Diabetes.

It really People who drink soda are also 20% more prone to heart attack than people who don’t. I hope like me you don’t want to suffer from Diabetes too!

4. It Contains Phosphoric Acid

While our body does need its own share of Phosphoric acid. An overdose of this sensitive chemical can put you at risk for osteoporosis and heart disease. In other cases, Phosphoric acid can decrease the much-needed amount of Calcium in your body, which can be resulted to bone loss.

It can also make you body unable to use other minerals like iron, zinc, and magnesium. The result for all of these can be catastrophic, as you might already realize.

5. Sugar, Sugar and Sugar

Imagine drinking a cup of sugar every day. How hard was it?  Well, you are doing exactly the same by drinking cans and cans of soda. A 20-ounce bottle of Coca-Cola contains 17 spoons of sugar. So if you are drinking even a single can of soda every day, you’re consuming 17 spoons of sugar.

Addiction to soda, which is full of sugar, can impair your brain function. It also leads you into bad decision making. It even can causes dementia, and memory impairment. Ready to do your brain a big favor? Stop drinking soda today. Your brain will pay you back!

6. It Dehydrates You

Dehydrate? It’s a drink! How can a “drink” dehydrate someone? Well, according to American Physiological Society, it seems like it really does dehydrate you instead of re-hydrating.

Drinking soda on a hot summer day instead of water, may also result in dehydration incurred renal injury. Which is very common in not just U.S. but the other parts of the world too, and you really don’t want to have that, I know!

7. Presence Of Artificial Sweetener is not Good

As we already know, many people opt into drinking diet soda for lesser sugar consumption. But that’s might not be the best idea too. Why?

Artificial Sweeteners can cause you metabolic syndrome, weight gain, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and many more. So now you know that diet coke is not an option either

8. Soda Can Lead You To Asthma

According to a study done in Australia, high soda consumption may lead you into Asthma. Asthma is a disease, that will haunt you for a long period of time.

If carrying an inhaler in your pocket is not something that you want, we suggest you to refrain yourself from drinking soda

9. No Nutritional Value

While a 20-ounce bottle of Coca-Cola force you into consuming 17 teaspoons of sugar, it gives you back nothing in return. Soda is found to have zero nutritional values. After all the bad things it does to your body, it’s just just doesn’t add any positive value!

10. The Money

If all the health talk could not get any closer to break the bond between you and your soda, this might. 470 cokes that average Americans drink per year, costs almost 1,000$. Imagine what you could have done with the money instead of buying yourself some disease.

What to Drink Instead?

We provided you a clear causes for avoiding soda water. You may ask in return what to drink instead. It’s wise to rely on a good juicer to make fruit or vegetable juice. Or you may substitute thirst with healthier options like hot or iced tea, sparkling water, kombucha, lemonade, coconut water.

So that was our 10 reasons why you need to stop consuming soda pop. We would be glad if it can motivate you to not drink soda. Every time you feel like a having a cool soda, opt for a bottle of water instead. While soda harms your body, water does the opposite. Water boosts your metabolism.

It also works as a detoxifier, meaning it helps get rid of toxins and waste through sweat and urine.

So take an oath today to drink more water!

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