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Welcome to Eternaloak.com! Our website is dedicated to providing readers with information on all things fitness-related.

We are funded by affiliate commissions and advertising, which allows us to keep the site running and provide our readers with expert-written articles on everything from healthy eating to strength training. We hope that you’ll visit us often for advice and inspiration on living a fit and healthy lifestyle!

Our Team

Jack Smith (Editor and Writer)

My name is Jack Smith and I’m the chief editor behind Eternaloak.com. I started my fitness career doing pushups in high school but only really got serious later in my 30s when my doctor told me it was time to start being proactive about my health.

Why this site?    

What we really want is to look great, to turn heads, to feel strong, and to be strong. To be the best versions of ourselves physically that we can.

And we want to be that way a long time. Not just in our 20s. Not just in our 30s. But through our whole lives.

Impossible? There are many examples and this blog will highlight them.

Is this blog for vegans? No. Is this blog paleo? No. Are we slow carb here, potato hacking, sugar free, high carb?

We’re none of these things. We do what works. We do what keeps us muscular, defined, and long lasting.

We do not honor diets that reduce our cardiovascular health. What good are biceps if you have a heart attack at 55?  We honor diets that increase longevity so we lean towards more plants.

We merge the best of the longevity diets with the definition diets and make it tasty enough to be sustainable.  We drink beer, we eat plants, we eat meat with friends then we play, we laugh and in the words of my wrestler friend Cannoli, we got swol.

Also, I’m older. I get injured more easily. I find solutions and I write about them. That’s why you’ll see plantar fasciitis and other injury topics covered here.

If you have some questions or advice please contact me from the Contact Page or email me at jacksmitheternaloak@gmail.com.