Vitamix 780 Review – Best Blender In The Market

Have you been searching for that ideal blender which will ultimately make your life easier?

Well, you are in luck, because in the Vitamix 780, you will find the perfect companion.

Let’s look at what features this blender from one of the most recognized and reliable companies in the business has to offer.

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The features to look out for when buying a blender?

Every blender should be bought based more on the functionality and practicality to the user, rather than the price – or even the brand.

When you are looking for a good blender, whether from Vitamix or from any other manufacturer, you need to consider the following factors:

  • The size of the jar is important in helping you to determine whether to buy or not. Most containers are between 1.2 and 1.9 liters. The materials used in its construction are also quite important, as you will want to drop in some tougher ingredients, such as ice cubes or seeds and nuts. In general, glass jars will be more likely to break than the plastic ones.
  • The speed of the blades also matter, because some of the ingredients that you might want to blend or convert into juice might require the use of a high-speed motor. Looking at how many horsepower (HP) the motor puts out can assist you greatly in picking out the right blender for your desired purposes.
  • The size of the blender matters somewhat when you consider the intended storage after use. You most likely don’t want a blender which can’t fit in any of your kitchen cabinets or drawers. The majority of blenders, however, are designed to fit in most of the modern kitchen storage spaces.
  • Check consumer reviews from past buyers of the product. With the use of the internet being what it is today, you are likely to find a genuine, honest review of a product, which means you don’t just have to rely on some sales person’s biased marketing pitch.
  • The speed setting on the blender is important, since this often determines what you can or cannot blend. A good number of blenders have a 10 speed mechanism, which allows you to adjust the speed at which the blade will rotate.
  • The blender’s pulse function can be used for the crushing of ice and as well as the prevention of the over mixing of contents inside the jar.

The Vitamix 780 Review

Vitamix 780 Blender, Black

This is one of the best blenders in Vitamix’s flagship G-Series.

It is has a responsive control panel which makes it extremely easy to operate. It comes with a sleek silhouette container which comfortably carries 64 ounces of liquid.

The Vitamix 780 blender stores easily in your kitchen, due to its economic, space-saving design. Since it was launched this blender has kept on gaining popularity, because it can be used to blend smoothies, soup, puree recipes and frozen desserts.

This model is an advancement on the 750 model, which still made use of dials in order to be operated. With the 780 model, the scratch resistant control panel is designed to give you the widest of array of options with which to enthrall your guests with your culinary skills.


The Vitamix 780 Features

1. The dimensions of the blender are 17.25 x 8.8 x 9 inches.

2. The prongs of the blade are 4 inches in diameter. They are made using stainless, hammermilled steel that have been laser cut

3. It has a peak capacity of 2.2 HP and its power specifications are 11.5 Amps, 120V and 50/60 Hz.

4. It comes with a radial cooling fan and an integrated thermal protection system.

5. It has a 6 ft power cable.

6. It is made of high grade plastic and weighs 12.5 lbs.

7. It has 5 preset programs which allow for the blender to be optimally used according to the ingredients being blended.

8. The manufacturer has backed the Vitamix 780 blender with a 7 year warranty: Read more here

The alternatives in the market

The best comparisons you can have of the 780 are other blenders from Vitamix which are in the G-series. Among the items to check out are the Vitamix Pro Series 750, Vitamix Professional 750 and the Vitamix 750 Heritage.

While all of these blenders will cost you less, they come with slightly fewer features. The other alternatives to consider are the 7500 and the 300 blenders from the same manufacturer.


The touch screen on this blender is unique and makes it very easy to operate. In addition to this, it is very easy to clean the screen as well as the motor base.

The five pre-set programs that come as a feature of this blender make it easy to determine which program to use when you are blending. The manufacturer has also taken storage space into consideration, as evidenced by the low profile design of this blender.

You can therefore store your blender in almost any modern kitchen cabinet. Given the wide diameter of the 4 inch blades, it is easy to see why blending with this equipment is so easy and convenient.

It is thus easy to understand that, considering the the manufacturer of the Vitamix 780 blender has put a lot of thought into the design, the effectiveness and the versatility of the equipment, as well as included a whole host of additional features. the price is quite high.


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