28 Apple Juice Facts That Hundred Thousands of People Are Searching Will Make You Surprised

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” This might sound like a cliché but there is definitely truth in this saying.

Apple is considered to be one of the healthiest fruits that you need to include your daily diet as it contains valuable nutrients and other minerals that your body needs.

In this guide, we will give you valuable information and everything you need to know about apple juice.

Is Apple Juice Healthy ?

Instead of drinking carbonated drinks and other beverages that are not healthy. It is better to drink apple juice.

But some may have thoughts as to whether apple juice is healthy. Eating apple is the best way to get the nutrients from the fruit.

But there is nothing wrong in drinking apple juice as it is also a healthy alternative.

It has vitamin A, vitamin C which is essential in boosting the body’s immune system and it contains polyphenol antioxidants which is good for your overall health. (Source)

It is packed with vitamins and phytonutrients that can combat diseases like asthma, cancer and cardiovascular diseases among many others. So, when you drink apple juice, it is as if you also take 10 various kinds of vitamins all at the same time.(Source)

With all the nutrients that go along with drinking apple juice, there is no reason why you shouldn’t.

However, there are also important reminders that you need to remember whenever you drink this fruit juice.

As with any other food and drink, it needs to be taken in moderation.

How is Apple Juice Made ?

A lot of people might get confused whenever they buy apple juice.

It helps that you are familiar with the terms used in the product label so you know if you prefer to buy a juice at the supermarket or make your own one.

When you buy an apple juice product, you often see the words: juice concentrate and pasteurization.

What do these two mean?

Pasteurization refers to the process were fluid undergoes the heating process at a certain temperature in a specific period of time to destroy bacteria without having to alter the chemical composition of the liquid.

On the other hand, juice concentrate only means that the water in the juice is removed which makes it easy to store and to lessen the volume.

When it comes to drinking apple juice, you can either buy one at the supermarket or you may also want to make your own apple juice.

Contrary to what some would believe, fruit juice processing does not have any negative impact on the nutritional value of the juice and it can still retain the vitamins and other nutrients.

Apples are hard fruits and they cannot be easily pressed to get the juice. In making an apple juice, it goes through a 2- stage process.

Even before the apples undergo the juicing process, in production facilities these fruits undergo inspection.

Trained inspectors examine the fruits to ensure that they are of high quality. Apples that do not meet the standards are removed.

The apples will then undergo a handling process where the surface dirt and other residues are removed.

Through pasteurization, the bacteria in the apples are killed.

Can you eat apple seeds, core and skin?

Apple is a very healthy fruit and as you get into a deep bite, you reach its core and then the small black seeds.

You should not eat the seeds as they have amygdalin which releases cyanide. Apple seeds are quite resistant to your digestive juices.

This explains why you shouldn’t eat them although small amounts can help in detoxifying the body, too much apple seeds are dangerous.

What is the Color of Apple Juice?

When you see apple juice same as other juices except for those juices that are acidic, this juice has a transparent loo.

But there are cases where there might be haze in the juice which means that there is a possibility of contamination, so you better be careful.

If you see the apple juice has haze, this is undesirable and this means that there might be something wrong with the process of the finished product.

Make sure that you go for transparent color.

How to Store Apple Juice?

You can preserve your apple juice by freezing it.

What you have to do is to have sterilized containers. You may also want to collect old plastic and clean them.

Use a polythene food bag and put the juice in it.

Tie the bag and put in the freezer.

You can  keep the juice inside the freezer for about 4 – 6 months

Can Apple Juice Go Bad in the Fridge?

As with any kind of juice, apple juice can also go bad in the fridge especially when stored the wrong way.

For instance, keeping your apple juice inside the refrigerator way too long can go really bad.

Make sure that you consume the juice based on the date recommended by the manufacturer.

If you made your own natural apple juice at home, you cannot let sit there for weeks,

How Long Does Apple Juice Last

An apple juice can last especially when stored properly.

If you want to make your own natural apple juice, you can expect it to last for about 2 to 3 days.

This allows you to enjoy the rich flavor of the juice.

But if you are going to buy an apple juice from the supermarket, it usually lasts for a few days depending on the date provided by the manufacturer.

If you freeze your apple juice, it can last much longer.

Benefits of Apple Juice

Drinking apple juice has a lot of benefits for the body. With its nutritional content, you can enjoy the following health benefits that can reduce your risk of having certain diseases

Does It Boost Your Immune System ?

Since it is rich in vitamin C, it can significantly boost your immune system.

This is essential so your body can fight back diseases that are caused by bacteria and viruses that can cause illnesses and diseases.

By drinking this juice, your body is stronger and can combat Vitamin C is also essential in bone formation.

Is Apple Juice Good for Diabetics ?

The answer to this question would depend on what type of diabetes you have. (Source)

If it is Type 2 diabetes, apple juice is beneficial. It has phytol-chemicals that can help in regulating blood sugar as the pancreas secretes more insulin.

But if it is the other one, it can negatively affect your diabetes. Keep in mind that fruit juice can increase blood sugar levels which also increases your risk of having hyperglycemia.

  • ​But then you should also be careful in consuming too much apple juice. It is still a sweet fruit juice that contains fructose. So make sure that you drink just enough.

Will Apple Juice Cause Constipation ?

Another great benefit of apple juice is that it is the cure for constipation. If you are having a hard time having your regular bowel movement, one of the best natural remedies is to drink apple juice.(Source)

It has sorbitol that facilitates the movement of stool.

Drink one glass of this juice everyday and you get to have healthier colon and intestines.

Can Apple Juice Prevent Cancer ?

Many may not be aware of it but apple juice can prevent cancer specifically colon and lung cancer.

It is rich in anti-oxidants like phenolic acid and flavonoids that can fight against cancer. It is also good in reducing our skin of having skin cancer. (Source)

Can Pregnant Women Drink Apple Juice ?

Drinking apple juice regularly is healthy. But for pregnant women, they need to be much more careful. (Source)

When buying fruit juice, it should be pasteurized. If it is freshly pressed, the bacteria might still be there and there is a possibility of having food borne illness that can be harmful to both the mother and the child.

However, it is important to note that pregnant women can still drink apple juice and they should consume it in moderation.

It contains iron, vitamin C and other nutrients essential for the body. When in doubt, it is strongly recommended that you seek for the advice of your doctor before you drink anything just to be sure.

Can Apple Juice Remove Gallstones ?

If you are suffering from gallstones, there are actually natural ways for you to dissolve them.(Source)

Many would attest for the effectiveness of drinking apple juice to remove gallstones.

Combining apple juice and other citrus juices is known to be an effective cure to gallstones.

With this juice packed with a lot of nutrients, you can remove gallstones with this natural and yet effective remedy.(Source)

Is Apple Juice Acidic ?

Almost everything that you eat is acidic. The level just varies and it is the same thing with fruit juices.

When you drink an apple juice, it has a pH level of about 3.5 to 4 which means that it has mild acidity level.

This is what makes apple juice a very healthy drink instead of taking beverages that can be too acidic and contain too much sugar.

Is Apple Juice Good For Asthma ?

The flavonoids in apple makes it effective to reduce your risk of having asthma. It makes your lungs healthier and when you drink apple juice on a regular basis, you actually reduce your risk of having asthma by about 30 to 40%.

Apple juice is also good for your cardiovascular health. Since it contains flavonoids and polyphenols, it promotes better heart health.

Does Apple Juice Help Lose Weight ?

Do you want to lose weight? Instead of drinking other beverages that contain too much sugar, it is strongly recommended that you drink apple juice as it has low calories

It also has low sodium and it has fiber which makes your stomach feel full. (Source)

Is Apple Juice Good For Your Skin ?

If you want to make your skin look healthy and glowing, drink apple juice everyday.

It is one of the best home remedies that you can use to treat different kinds of skin problems.

Drinking apple juice makes your skin look younger and healthier.

This juice can also prevent pimples and can be used as natural remedy among those who are suffering from acne. (Source)

Does Apple Juice Help With Alzheimer’s ?

Based on recent research, apple juice is proven to be highly effective in preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

This is a brain disease where a person experiences the loss of memory.

In a study conducted by experts from the University of Massachusetts, they found out that drinking apple juice about 2 glasses per day can decrease the production of a certain protein the plagues the brain.

Is Apple Juice a Diuretic ?

Apple juice is naturally diuretic.

In fact, it also works as a mild laxative and it can be used as antiseptic. The juice itself contains vitamins B and C as well as beta-carotene.

When you include the peel in making the apple juice, it can be used as a gout relief. You can also use apple juice to relieve rheumatism and urinary tract diseases.

Does Apple Juice Cause Gas ?

Yes, it can cause gas since small intestines can only absorb a certain amount of fructose.(Source)

As bacteria breaks downs sweeteners in your colon, it results to having gas. Keep in mind that you drink fruit beverages contain fructose. So you shouldn’t drink too much apple juice.

Does Apple Juice Give You Diarrhea ?

When you drink too much apple juice, it may cause diarrhea. The reason behind this is that most fruit juices have sorbitol which is non-digestible sugar.

What happens is when you drink too much apple juice, the body tries to dilute the sugar by using water from your bloodstream which results to loose and soft stools.

This is also explains why apple juice is good for you to have regular bowel movement. But drinking too much can result to diarrhea. (Source)

Can You Drink Too Much Apple Juice ?

In as much as fruit juices are healthy, you should not drink too much. You always have to drink in moderation.

Apple juice has a lot of nutrients, but when you drink too much, it may also cause problems like gas and diarrhea.

Apple juice has sorbitol so if you are sensitive to it, chances are you may have diarrhea even if you just drink a small amount of apple juice.

Does Apple Juice Dehydrate You ?

Apply juice can dehydrate you. For one, apple juice does not have sodium which is an electrolyte that enables the body to retain water.

Second is that apple juice contains sugar which can result to dehydration as it draws water from the bloodstream.

This explains why you suddenly feel thirsty when you drink a fruit juice especially when it is really hot and humid. You can drink apple juice, but you should also drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

Apple Juice vs Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider is also made from apple but these two are different in the sense the fresh cider is raw apple juice.

When it comes to apple cider vinegar, it is differing from apple juice since it is actually vinegar made from apple.

In making an apple cider vinegar, it goes through 2 processes. In the first stage, yeasts are used in order to convert the sugar of apple juice into alcohol. In the next step, microorganisms are used in order to convert them into acetic acid.

As a result, apple cider vinegar is created. It is basically a concentration of that acetic acid.

Apple in itself has so many vitamins and minerals which is good for the body.

And it is basically the same thing with apple cider vinegar. The only thing is that apple juice is a refreshment whereas apple cider vinegar is not.

Apple Juice vs Orange Juice

Both apple and orange juices are very healthy and good for the body. They only differ in color, taste and nutritional content.

For one, orange juice is much more acidic and it has a slighter sour taste compared to apple juice which is quite sweet.

When it comes to vitamin C content orange juice has a higher concentration.

Unlike apple juice which has a mild acidity level, orange juice is much more acidic.

Lemon Juice vs Apple Juice

Lemon juice is also a healthy alternative to the usual beverages that we drink.

Both of them have great benefits for your over-all healthy. The nice thing about lemon juice is that you can easily make it at home.

You can just get raw lemons, squeeze them and put some ice unlike when you want to make an apple juice. Since they are hard fruits, you really need to have a good juicer to extract the juice.

On top of that, you can use and apply lemon externally with its brightening and astringent properties that you cannot find in apple.

Apple Juice vs Grape Juice

Apple juice has a lot of nutritional value and it is the same thing when you drink grape juice. The latter is a good source of fiber, iron and Vitamin A. Grape juice can give you the vitamins that apple juice lack.

For instance, it has vitamin A which is essential for better eyesight. It has fiber which aids in the digestive process and can help you have regular bowel movement.

With all the benefits that you can get when you drink apple, there is no reason why you should not take it on a regular basis.

It is good for your digestion and it is proven to reduce the risk of having specific diseases and illnesses like cancer, liver problems and asthma. On top of that, apple can also increase your immune system which makes the body stronger.

Plus, you also get to have glowing skin when you drink apple juice.

The Bottom Line

It really does not matter whether you want to eat or drink apple.

You can always buy apple juice and you don’t have to worry if you don’t get enough nutritional value.

The nutritional content of the apple juice is not altered even if it undergoes extraction processes.

When you have a juicer at home, you can simply make your own apple juice with ease and convenience.

You may also want to combine apples with other healthy fruits depending on your preference. There are tons of fruit juice recipes that you can find online so you can easily make one at home.

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