The 5 Best Counter Top Water Filters

Filtered water is essential for the wellbeing of your family. There’s a myriad of contaminants that you wouldn’t want to have in the water you drink or use for cooking. Some compounds are even harsh on the skin and hair. 

You need to make sure that these elements are removed effectively, and there’s no better way to achieve that than using a trusted water filter.

Countertop filters are portable, practical, and have fewer installation requirements than under the sink units. They’re the perfect solution if you have limited space, or if you’re living in a residence for a limited amount of time.

We rounded up the best counter top water filters currently in the market, in addition to everything that’ll make the selection process a breeze!

The Best Counter Top Water Filters Reviewed

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These are our top picks for water filters. Our choices are based on the filters’ efficiency, durability, capacity, and price.

The Brondell H2O+ Cypress System

This is among the best filter choices for your house that would perfectly fit a fancy and modern kitchen. It’s well known for its sleek design. If you’re looking for an elegant filter, this should definitely be your choice!

It uses a three-stage filtration process that eliminates several harmful pollutants such as pesticides, bacteria, and VOCs. You can count on the efficiency of this process as the filter is certified by the Water Quality Association (WQA).

The installation process is nothing to worry about when it comes to The Brondell system. It attaches to most faucets via a simple adapter. 

Things We Like

  • It comes with a faucet adaptor that makes it more flexible to use
  • It has a three-stage filtration process
  • Includes a nano trap for minute contaminants
  • It has a modern design

Things We Don’t 

  • The water flow button could come loose after a few months

The Berkey BK4X2 Big Berkey

This filter is so strong and effective that it could work on any source of water. It could work on tap water, wild streams, and even stagnant ponds. It’s a good choice for a traveler as it’s designed to clean raw untreated water. It’s not that easy to handle though, owing to its massive bulk and weight. 

The filtration elements of the Berkey are quite powerful, to the point that these filters are described as purifiers. They work on the largest number of contaminants, unlike most filters that focus mainly on getting rid of chlorine and only some other particles. 

It’s a large filter, so it would be quite sufficient for a medium-sized household. 

Things We Like

  • High-capacity filter 
  • Made from high grade 304 stainless steel
  • Filters out 99.9% percent of contaminants in water.

Things We Don’t

  • Its installation is a bit demanding
  • Hard to carry around

AQUA TRU Countertop Water Filtration Purification System

The reverse osmosis technology is probably the most thorough and effective water treatment method. It gets rid of pollutants that the regular filters would easily miss. 

That’s why you should expect the water filtered out of the AquaTru to contain no toxins, hormones or even microplastics. This is in addition to heavy metals and chlorine. 

This ultra-powerful filtration system is designed to remove thousands of contaminants. And that’s often evident in the taste and transparency of the water.  

You don’t have to wait too long to get a gallon of pure drinkable water. The full cycle takes from 12-15 minutes, which is pretty good for that system. The filters are sturdy and would last up to two years before needing replacement. 

This filter is suitable for a medium family. It’s an effective way to increase the quality of your household water, and it can be moved around to get optimal water quality wherever you are. 

Things We Like

  • Counter top filter with a reverse osmoser
  • Easy installation with no extra plumbing
  • Removes more than 15% more contaminants than regular filters
  • Certified as compliant to the NSF standards

Things We Don’t

  • It’s a pricey unit

Apex Countertop Drinking Water Filter

This filter is designed to remove a wide variety of water contaminants, and take as little countertop space as possible while doing so. The result, as you see, is a powerful device 

Even though it works on a simple principle, and looks generally uncomplicated, it can remove chlorine, which is among the common undesirable elements in domestic water. In addition to sediment, cysts, and radon. 

It’s not as thorough as the previous R/O filters or water purifiers, but it renders the water reasonably clean. It’s also budget-friendly and completely portable. 

Things We Like

  • A budget-friendly filtration system
  • Highly portable and easy to use 
  • Removes unhealthy particles from the water
  • Eliminates chlorine
  • Made in the USA

Things We Don’t

  • The pH of the filtered water tends to be higher than 7
  • Changing the filter could be a bit difficult

Cleanwater4less Countertop Water Filtration System

This filter employs a new and interesting concept: it doesn’t need cartridge replacement as the filtration takes place in the whole capacity of this reservoir. It’s good for cleaning up around 10,000 gallons of water, which is about two years of moderate usage. 

This filter costs as much as the cartridge of an elaborate system. Purchasing it is an easy decision as it has plenty of bang for a buck. 

It doesn’t need much effort to be up and running. You don’t need to be a plumber or solicit the services of one to get the water running through this filter. Just attach it to a regular faucet and the clean water will come out. 

It’s not an elaborate purifier, but it can remove about 97% of the chlorine in water, sediment, and VOCs. 

Drinking water is easily affected by the origin it comes from and the pipes that carry it to the point of use. A filter that also removes unwanted odor and taste is essential, and that’s exactly what you get from the Cleanwater4less. 

Things We Like

  • Doesn’t need replacement filters
  • Removes the fundamental pollutants
  • Comes at an attractive price
  • Easy to install
  • Looks nice on a counter

Things We Don’t

  • Filters out a limited amount of pollutants
  • It’s hard to tell when the filter is dysfunctional

Do You Need a Water Filter?

Here are some indicators that you need to install a water filter. 


Although cloudy water could be a result of gas pressure in your pipes (usually trapped air), sometimes it could mean your water is contaminated. The more turbid the water is, the more contaminated. 

Turbidity comes in different levels. Your water doesn’t always have to be visibly turbid to prove it’s contaminated. 

Taste And Odour

Water can sometimes taste chlorinated, and that clearly isn’t desirable. Some of the dangerous water contaminants such as arsenic or harmful bacteria are tasteless. 

However, if you start sensing that your tap water tastes “unusual” you should start looking for a suitable filter for your house. This could be an indication of algae, sulfur, disinfectants, etc.

Odour is a strong indication as well which indicates that the chlorine level in your water is so high that you could actually smell it. Normal clean water is both odorless and tasteless.

Water Testing Kits

To make sure that your water is contaminated, you might need to use a water testing kit.

If you’re in a hurry and can’t contact your water company at the moment, then this would be the best quick solution for you. It will let you know the type of contaminants found in your water, and based on that you will choose a filter that satisfies those needs.

What Do You Need To Consider Before Buying a Filter?

Before picking the type of filter and what model will you be choosing for your house, you need to consider a few points:

Type of Contaminants

Each contaminant has its own filter. For example, if you’re facing trouble with odor, you would pick a filter that’s good in dealing with chlorine. If you‘re sensing an earthy taste, then that would probably be an algae contaminant that needs a completely different type of filter.


Were talking about a countertop filter, not an under sink one. It will be part of your kitchen, so make sure to pick a design that you won’t regret purchasing later on.

Where You’re Going to Use it

You have to know, before buying your filter, what exactly you need it for and where exactly you want it to be installed.

Filters used for cooking are usually installed by attachment to the faucet. That makes them easier to use and more effective. Make sure before purchasing it that your faucet is compatible with the type of filter you chose.

If you need the filter for traveling or camping, a gravity-fed filter should be your choice. It is lightweight, portable, and easy to use.

The medical purposes other good reasons to purchase a filter. Water distillers would do a great job serving this purpose. They’re the most expensive type of filter, but the most effective ones too.

Counter Top vs. Under-Sink Water Filters

Under-Sink filters are fixed directly to your waterline and have a faucet of their own. They’re more of a permanent fixture since they cannot be relocated.

On the other hand, they provide a higher level of filtration and have more advanced filtration options. They would be the perfect choice for a long term investment.

CounterTop filters are more suitable for short-term investments. If you are living in a rented space, then this should definitely be your choice!

Final Thoughts

In order to know which of the previous 5 filters fit you the most, you will need to consider your personal needs. 

Personally, We would pick the AQUA TRU Countertop Water Filtration Purification System for our houses. It employs the powerful technique of reverse osmosis to get rid of most contaminants. 

If you’re on a higher budget, I would definitely recommend the Brondell H2O+ Cypress System. You would totally love its design and the variety of colors it comes in! But you’ll appreciate even more its immaculate process of water purification.

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