How Long Does a Zero Water Filter Last?

Many people are comfortable drinking regular tap water. While tap water may taste good, it’s not always the healthiest option. 

Although tap water is filtered, it may still contain dangerous substances such as chemicals and contaminants. Some people may decide to consume bottled water instead

But then again, is bottled water pure enough? Well, not always. 

We consume water more than anything else. If it’s not healthy, then we’ll be exposing our bodies to harmful substances all day long. That’s where Zero Filtered Water jumps in. 

Wondering how long does a Zero Water Filter last? 

It usually lasts from 3 to 5 months, but other factors can contribute to this range. 

Let’s dive in to find out more! 

What Is a Zero Water Filter?

We’re not trying to rage a war against tap water. Tap water, in most cases, is pure and healthy when it’s in the factory or in the lab. 

For water to reach your doorsteps, it travels through pipes. These pipes are old, rusty, and not clean. So the pipes are, mostly, the causes of creating unhealthy water that’s full of lead

Regular water usually contains chemicals, radon, contaminants, and undesired tastes. Filtered water, on the other hand, is the purest type of water that you can drink. You may not be aware, but your regular water isn’t that healthy.  

The goal we’re trying to achieve by filtering water is clearing all Total Dissolved Solids. These are the harmful components we mentioned above. They can be measured by a TDS meter.

The scale used to measure the level of TDS in the water is 000 parts per million. If the water is 000, then it’s in its purest state. Anything more means that the water is no longer pure. 

These tests are usually done in the lab. However, if you want to know if your water is pure, there are TDS meters that you can buy and use to test your water at home. 

What’s Different about Zero Water Filters?

When looking for a water filter, it’s wise to consider three features: the water quality, the ergonomics of the pitcher, and the taste. 

Zero Water filters are the most efficient water filter int the market. To clear water of all contaminants, water goes through various filtration stages.

Regular water filters depend on only two stages. That’s not enough. This results in water quality that’s only 50% pure. 

Since that’s not our goal, Zero Water filters are more efficient. Due to their 5 stages filtration system, these filters produce the purest water that you can hope to find.

This five-stages filtering system includes:

  • Stage One: Using a micro-cloth of infusing carbon to rid the water of unwanted particles.
  • Stage Two: Foam distributors spread the water over the filter to eliminate more contaminants.
  • Stage Three: Carbon and multi-layer systems clear chlorine and metals from the water.
  • Stage Four: Ion Exchange resin purifies the water from foreign parts. 
  • Stage Five: Ultra-fine screen and a non-woven membrane are used to make sure that the water is 100% pure. 

The Zero Water filter comes with a TDS Meter. To make sure that your water is pure after using these filters, test your final product. Your TDS meter should indicate 000 parts per million.

Now, we’ve guaranteed the quality of the water. Are Zero Water filter ergonomics? Yes, they’re easy to use.

You have three options:

  • Zero Water Pitcher that can be added to your refrigerator
  • Zero Water Tumbler
  • Zero Water portable filter

These filters are easy to install and easy to use. With a push of a button, you can get the purest water ready to drink. Zero Water filters can be recycled as well.  That’s always a plus for people who care about protecting their environment.

The final feature a high-quality water filter should have is good taste. Zero water filters produce tasty water. We can say that, surely, 100% pure water will definitely taste good. 

How Long Does a Zero Water Filter Last?

We’ve established that Zero Water filters are the most capable water filters in the world. This means that they work harder than any other filter. Working harder leads them to last less than we hope for.

Usually, Zero Water filters can last 3 to 5 months. According to the manufacturers, Zero Water filters are capable of purifying about 25 to 40 gallons of water before they become useless. That’s not the right way to measure it though.

How long a filter lasts depends on how much-unwanted parts it dissolves. Zero Water filters remove 18,000 milligrams of dissolved solids. After they reach this amount, the water filter has to be replaced. 

So, it really depends on how damaged your tap water is. If your tap water has good quality, then these filters may last for a long time. However, if you’re using them to clean bad quality water, then they won’t last for long. 

Another aspect that may contribute to the longevity of your Zero Water filter is how much you use it. Some people drink a lot of water during the day. That means they’ll be exhausting their filters a lot more than others. 

To know if your Zero Water filter is no longer functioning, test the water. If the TDS meter shows levels that are higher than 000, your water filter needs replacement.

We can’t really estimate how long a Zero Water filter can last because it depends on your use and the quality of your water. You should try and build a system. They’re affordable, so replacing them won’t cost you much anyway. 


If you’re aiming for a healthier lifestyle, then you should start by changing your water. Filtered water will change your life, if not save it. 

There’re a lot of water filters in the market. The most rewarding brand is Zero Water. There’s no competition that can ensure water that’s 100% pure. 

It’s true that these filters may not last for long, but that’s just proof that they’re functioning twice as hard. If they get you the water you need, that’s all that counts.

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