How to Avoid Bitter Taste When Making Green Smoothie

A green smoothie is beneficial in enhancing your health in all perspectives. But it may be difficult for you to always drink it because some of the vegetable used in making them tend to taste relatively bitter.

Ideally, you should never let the unpleasant taste to prevent you from drinking your healthy smoothie irrespective of the vegetable ingredients that you have used.

This post provides you with some vital tips to make it possible for you to eliminate the unpleasant taste naturally from your vegetable smoothie.

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Ensure that you use fresh ingredients

The truth of the matter is that fresh food ingredients for making smoothies always have a better taste than older ones.

When you store these ingredients for long, they also tend to significantly lose quality and nutrients. This can also cause adverse effects even on your health.

So I recommend that you use fresh vegetables and fruits. This top is also ideal for achieving a nutrient-laden smoothie.

The best way of attaining this is by harvesting the ingredients from your garden. Alternatively, you can go for the locally grown produce. Ensure that you use them within a maximum of three days.

This way, you’ll be sure that the smoothie will have a better taste than it would if you choose to use ingredients that have stayed for long.

Add sweet fruits

Naturally, most of the fruits tend to have a reasonably sweet taste. It is necessary that you include some of these fruits and mix them with the other ingredients.

You’ll find out that most of the vegetable smoothies, when mixed with certain fruits, tend to taste precisely like the same fruits.

For instance, if you add a banana to a spinach smoothie, the drink will taste like a banana. This, however, does not imply that the nutritious content of the smoothie is compromised.

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If anything is also an ideal way of enhancing the quality of the vegetable thickies given that fruits also contain lots of fundamental minerals, vitamins as well as anti-oxidants among others.

But on the same note, you need to use the most flavorful fruits which should also be ripe. This helps in moderating the effect of the bitter vegetables as well as boosting the fruitiness of the green goodness.

If you find the taste of the drink still bitter you can choose to add half a piece of banana at a time until the moment you’re content.

Get a high-quality blender

I’m sure you did not see this one coming but it is without reasonable doubt that a high-performance multi-speed blender gives you a better all-around smoothie.

In some instances, the unpleasant smoothie taste often arises when ingredients fail to blend appropriately and not necessarily because the vegetables are bitter.

You don’t have to spend a significant amount of money to acquire the best blender for the task. In fact, if you carry out thorough research you’ll get a quality blender less than 100 dollar that performs exceptionally well.

If you find one, be sure that you will completely eliminate or reduce the bitter taste of the smoothie by a considerable percentage.

Balance the proportion of the ingredients

Something that many people often fail to recognize is the fact that you can make a flavorsome smoothie as well as a high-quality one if you do not determine ideal recipe’s ratio.

Of course, the veggies have to take a larger percentage but it is still essential to ensure that you do not go overboard with the other recipes.

Adding ingredients in excess always tamper with the taste of the beverage. However, if you find the right proportions for all the ingredients you’re using then you can be certain that you will have a green thicky that is healthy, delicious and tasteful.

The best way of attaining this if you’re not sure is by adding the ingredients in small portions until the moment the smoothie becomes pleasant to drink.

Use different leafy greens at a go

Vegetables are naturally different. That is why it is ideal to use at least two or more leafy greens in your mix.

This helps in boosting the taste of the beverage given that different plants taste differently and provide varied benefits.

Some leafy veggies also tend to be relatively tasty than others. For instance, Mayan spinach tastes sweeter than kales.

So when blended together the mixture happens to neutralize hence eliminating the probably unpleasant taste.

On the same note, you may decide to build up to bitter greens. What it means is that you do not necessarily need to pack blender with more than half of kales or dandelion.

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Instead, you can add a handful of these bitter veggies simultaneously and slowly increasing the ratio with time.

This way you’ll be able to gauge whether or not you’ve attained the desired taste.

Add unique superfoods

Let’s face it: superfoods are an ideal addition to green smoothies in as far as enhancing nutrient content and the palatability is concerned.

For example, you can add chia seeds, Maca root or Goji berries among others. These superfoods ingredients play a vital role in a green smoothie other than merely eliminating the bitter taste.


BetterBody Foods Organic Chia Seeds with Omega-3, Non-GMO (2 Pound)Superfoods also naturally boost the vitamins and other mineral content in the vegetable beverage. Furthermore, you can also enhance the texture of the drink hence making it more palatable.

All you need to ensure is that you do not add the superfoods in excess. Moderation is always quintessential.

Final Thought

When you implement all the tips mentioned above you can be certain that your beverage will not be bitter.  This will not only make it possible for you to enjoy the smoothie while drinking it but will also enable you to obtain the essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins.

When you eliminate the unpleasant taste, it becomes easy even for the kids to enjoy taking the smoothie. So that they grow up well endowed, healthy and stronger.

Try to implement these tips and see how you will always enjoy your smoothie throughout.

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