How To Make Kiwi Juice At Home

Kiwi fruit has its origins in ancient China and they used to be called Chinese Gooseberries.

This fruit is associated with countless benefits among them reduced heart related diseases, cancer, diabetes and obesity.

This fruit is a good source of Vitamin C and also acts as a good antioxidant. In general, his fruit is loved by many people because it helps in the improvement of one’s general health and also elongating the lifespan.

You might have come across kiwi juice and you ended up wondering just how it was extracted.

Well, learning how to make kiwi juice is simple even though you will need to follow some steps diligently. The making of the juice involves the following steps;

Choosing the right kiwis

Generally, a kiwi fruit is an oval in shape and is the size of a hen’s egg. It is dull-brownish in color but has a bright greenish or even a golden colored fleshy inside. The fruit is unique in that it has a soft texture and a sweet fleshy flavor.

When it comes to picking the right kiwi fruit for the purposes of making the juice, look for those which are firm.

Take care not to select those which are rock hard. Just like it is with a ripe peach, the perfect kiwis should yield to slight pressure.

Try and avoid all the kiwis which have spots or those which are moldy. Like with most fruits nowadays, look for the kiwis which are locally grown or those which have been grown with little or no pesticides as they are more nutritious.

The process of making the juice

The process of making the kiwi juice is simple and the main equipment you will require is an electric juice extractor. The process will involve the following steps;

  1. Peel the kiwis. While some people will prefer to juice even the fruit coat, it isn’t as sweet as the fleshy inside.
  2. Depending on your type of extractor, cut the kiwi fruits accordingly. Some extractors will take half pieces while others can only accommodate quarter pieces. As for the centrifugal extractors, whole fruits can be tossed inside.
  3. After the extractor has made your juice, you can serve it immediately. If you want to serve the juice later then ensure that it is stored in an air tight container. This is to help reduce oxidative process.

The making of kiwi fruit juice is simple but the good thing about the whole process is that you get to enjoy immense nutritional benefits.

One more thing to note about the making of this juice is that if you own a masticating extractor, the whole extraction process will take longer.

However, this machine will help you extract more juice than most centrifugal extractors.

Another tip on how to make your juice sweeter or your fruits better is to put the unripe fruits in a dry brown paper bag with a ripe banana for several days.

The kiwi fruits will ripen faster and to the ideal condition desired for juice extraction.

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