Walk Hero Orthotics Inserts Review

Walk Hero is considered one of the more affordable manufacturers of orthotic inserts. With these Walk Hero Orthotics Inserts, you can get some much-needed pain relief from a variety of foot ailments. If you experience pain while walking, running, or standing for long periods, then inserts can offer you comfort.

Walk Hero manufacturer’s new insole technology is designed to help correct flat feet. If you know that you have flat feet, then these insoles can do wonders to help you with discomfort or pain you experience, especially as it relates to any of the conditions these insoles target.

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Walk Hero Orthotics

Walk Hero recently produced this latest series of inserts with a more supportive design.  These Walk Hero Orthotics provide a good amount of arch support, which in turn can improve alignment in your legs and feet. You won’t feel as much stress of pain caused by a number of common foot ailments.

Walk Hero provides good customer service if you are ever dissatisfied with a purchase. Let them know, and they will work with you on a solution.

Who Is This Product For?

This product is useful for anyone who suffers from any common, yet uncomfortable and painful, foot ailments. You should get some relief with these insoles if you have flat feet, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, or bunions. You will likely also benefit if you have pain in the ball of your foot or Achilles Tendonitis.

The ideal user of these insoles will have flat feet, as these are designed to produce really good arch support for those who have flatter feet.

What’s Included?

With this purchase, you get one pair of the inserts. You should not need any accessories to make these insoles work for you. They are easy to put in and out of your shoes.

Overview of Features

These inserts provide a good amount of arch support, which in turn can improve alignment in your legs and feet. You won’t feel as much stress of pain caused by a number of common foot ailments. These include plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, bunions, diabetes, arthritis, and flat feet.

The deep heel cup is intended to help you keep your feet in the proper, most natural position. This can protect your heel from any painful impact on the ground. It also serves to stabilize your foot so that your strike on the ground is in the proper position. You will get great shock absorption with these inserts, and they are designed so that you can wear them every day. You can put these in work shoes or boots, hiking shoes, or casual shoes.

These insoles are made with solid construction in mind, built from premium EVA material. The fabric used is breathable, so you should not have to worry about overheating or sweating.


You can view an unboxing of these insoles below. You can use this video to get a good visual of the insoles to predict how well they will work for you.

These insoles are very easy to use. They slip in and out of your shoes easily, and you really should not have any trouble using them.


While these insoles are great for those who have flat feet, they are not as effective or comfortable for those who have high arches. As such, if you have high arches, then you might be looking for an alternative product.

One such product, made with high arches in mind, is the EASYFEET plantar fasciitis arch support insoles. These are made with arch support in mind. They have a TPU base, which firmly holds your foot in place. Anyone can wear these, and they are good for all activities, including working out, hiking, playing basketball, or just going for casual walks. They also have friction- and heat-reducing antimicrobial breathable cover. They serve to relieve foot pain.

In addition, they come with a one-year guarantee. If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, then you can return them or have them replaced.


Plantar fasciitis can prove extremely painful and really uncomfortable, especially if you are to be on your feet for long periods. These Walk Hero Orthotics do not just help to alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with this one condition but also that associated with several others.

If you have flat feet, then these orthotic inserts are a great option for you. They help to stabilize your entire foot, put it in a natural position, and absorb painful shock. The deep heel cup and shock absorption alone make these a great purchase. However, these are not the perfect option if you know that you have high arches.


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