Are Birkenstocks Good for Plantar Fasciitis? The Good and Bad News 

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, then you know how important it is to wear proper fitting, good footwear. Without it, your condition can be exacerbated, and you end up experiencing a lot of pain. Choosing proper footwear is just one way to treat the symptoms of the condition, but it is an important one.

While you may have found your perfect pair of running shoes for plantar fasciitis, or you already have your favorite pair of boots, how do you choose the best sandals? You might know that you like a certain style of sandal, but how do you know if it will help with your discomfort?

Birkenstocks are a wardrobe necessity for many. They are a German brand of sandals, which are known for their contoured rubber and cork footbeds, which somewhat conform to its wearer’s feet. However, are Birkenstocks good for plantar fasciitis? If they are, then what about them helps ease the pain?

Proper Footwear

Many of the shoes currently available on the market will cause you to have even worse heel and foot pain than you do now if you suffer from plantar fasciitis. This can be especially true of sandals, which are intended to be more minimalist than other shoes. By definition, they offer much less support.

There are a few things you should consider to find proper footwear for plantar fasciitis.

Shock Absorption

Much of the pain you feel with plantar fasciitis will come each time you strike the ground with your foot. If you are on your feet for prolonged periods, then the pain can eventually get unbearable. Look for sandals that offer a good amount of shock absorption. This can help with that stabbing pain you may experience with each foot strike.

To find a sandal with good shock absorption, look for those that have a flexible midsole and good arch support. Both of those things will increase the sandal’s ability to absorb shock while you are walking.

Higher Heel

A shoe or sandal that has a slightly higher heel is also a good idea. You do not need the heel to be high. Basically, what you want with this feature is for your foot to taper down in the front, even just slightly. This can serve to shift your weight away from the pain you feel in your heel.

Deeper Heel Cup

A deep heel cup is a must-have in a sandal if you are looking for plantar fasciitis relief. A deep heel cup will keep your natural heel pad in its right position. This keeps your foot in a neutral position and helps to prevent you from pronation while you are walking. That pronation, or rolling, can make your plantar fasciitis symptoms worse.

Are Birkenstocks good for plantar fasciitis?

Now that you know what features to pay attention to when looking for sandals that can treat your plantar fasciitis let us look specifically at the Birkenstock. Are Birkenstocks good for plantar fasciitis?

Birkenstocks are one of the most popular open-toe sandals currently available. Just about everyone has a pair or wants a pair. That is mostly because they are incredibly comfortable. They have a level of comfort and support that is hard to find in any alternative sandal. In addition, Birkenstocks are an orthopedic-inspired shoe. They basically cause your foot to regain its natural function.

The toe bar in the front of the Birkenstock is also raised, so your toes can grip the shoe, which can help increase circulation in the rest of your foot because you end up engaging more foot muscles.


The footbed of the Birkenstock is its primary reason for being effective at alleviating plantar fasciitis symptoms. It is impressively supportive, with design features that combat the pain and discomfort of the condition. The footbed in the Birkenstock is made quite differently than in other sandals. It starts with the material used, which is a mix of cork and latex. It molds right to the individual shape of your foot. So, you get a cradled, massaging footbed made just for you.

That footbed is also contoured and offers a heel cupping that is quite deep. This helps to promote an equal distribution of weight, leading to a proper gait when you are walking. This all equals much less pressure on your plantar fascia. You can walk more comfortably without experiencing as much pressure and pain.


So, are Birkenstocks really good for plantar fasciitis? We think so. They can be comfortably worn, despite the condition. Their design, along with the footbed and toe grip, put your foot in a natural position. The heel cup supports your heel, which can take away much of that stabbing pain you would otherwise feel when your foot strikes the ground.

Birkenstocks offer many of the design features associated with shoes and sandals that are intended to help treat the symptoms of plantar fasciitis. If looking for a new sandal, then keep in mind all of the considerations to purchasing the perfect pair.

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