How to Wrap Foot for Plantar Fasciitis with Ace Bandage

If you have pain in your foot from plantar fasciitis, then it can really have an impact on your everyday life. You can’t move around as easily as you would like, and you may feel like you have to limit the time you spend on your feet each day. Plantar fasciitis impacts people of all ages, but you do not have to suffer all day. There are ways to ease some of your pain.

Knowing how to wrap foot for plantar fasciitis with ace bandage can take away some of your pain and get you back to moving on your feet comfortably.

Does Wrapping Work?

There are several ways to help alleviate some of the pain and discomfort you feel from plantar fasciitis. Many of them are at-home remedies that are easy enough to complete independently.

One of them is using an ace bandage to wrap your foot. This method is considered to be one of the most effective ways to ease the pain you feel from plantar fasciitis. You can increase its efficacy by combining it with other methods of pain relief as well. You can do some exercises ahead of wrapping your foot or just make sure that you have properly stretched out the fascia beforehand.

While wrapping does ease some of the discomfort or pain, it will not reverse or medically treat your condition. Instead, it works on alleviating some of the symptoms you experience.

How to Wrap Foot for Plantar Fasciitis with Ace Bandage?

There are two primary techniques you can use to wrap your feet. There are obviously plenty of deviations from these two methods. However, these two techniques, in particular, are considered to be the most effective at diminishing some of the symptoms you might be experiencing.

You might find that one produces more relief for you. Try out both and see which works better for your case of plantar fasciitis. Everyone’s comfort level is different. In addition, wrapping your feet for plantar fasciitis is most successful in cases that are not too severe.

Above all else, knowing how to wrap foot for plantar fasciitis with ace bandage can mean that you are more comfortable walking and staying on your feet. It can also prevent you from causing further damage or complications associated with the condition. Wrapping your foot can not only ease existing pain but can limit any increase in pain you might otherwise experience.

First Technique

Starting at the ball of your foot, wrap the ace bandage under your big toe, ending at the area that is directly behind your pinkie toe.  Continue wrapping until you have covered 75% of your heel. Each layer that you add should overlap the preceding one a little bit. You do not want the bandage to be too loose. By wrapping over each previous layer, you build up a bit more support for your foot.

You want the bandage to sit low on the ankle when you are through wrapping. You do not need it to wrap up and around your ankle. Covering just your foot is sufficient. So, make sure you that you are using all of the bandage in the areas that need it most.  When you are done wrapping, make sure you properly secure the bandage, so it does not come undone. You want the fit to be snug, but it does not need to be tight. The idea is to maintain your comfort still and be able to walk freely.

Second Technique

The second method is just a tad bit more complicated, but still pretty easy to complete.

Start the same way you did with the first technique. You just wrap the bandage starting under your toes. Although with this method, you are to wrap your heel next instead of the entire foot to the heel.

Once you have wrapped your heel, go back to where you started. Wrap from the inside to the outside of your foot. You want the bandage to end just under your pinkie toe. Then move to the top of your foot.

Make your way to underneath your foot, making the shape of an X. Where the bandage crosses itself should be directly in the middle of your plantar fascia.

Continue that full process one more time. To finish, wrap the bandage around the bottom of your ankle and secure it. Similar to the previous technique, you do not need the bandage up to your ankle. Instead, use the bandage on your foot where it is needed most.


Knowing how to wrap foot for plantar fasciitis can be a great way to alleviate much of the pain and discomfort associated with the condition. Wrapping can be especially helpful if you partner it with other tactics for easing the pain. Stretches are a great exercise to incorporate. Stretch your feet before wrapping them. Then, your fascia is already stretched out, and you can give your feet the support they need by wrapping them.

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