17 Questions that Most People Want to Know About Lemon Juice

1. Is lemon juice bad for you?

Lemon juice is not bad for you.

In fact, it is very good for your health. When you drink lemon juice, it can boost your immune system.

It can detoxify that body of harmful toxins and waste. On top of that, you can also apple lemons externally because of its astringent and brightening properties.

Make sure that you drink lemon juice on a regular basis (Source) and see for yourself its amazing benefits for your health.

2. Is lemon juice acidic?

Lemon is acidic (Source) but it is still considered to be an alkaline food which means that it can give the body amazing benefits.

On their own, lemons are acidic but once they are inside the body, they are already alkaline which makes very beneficially to drink it.

3. Does lemon juice go bad?

Yes, it can go bad especially after its shelf life has expired. That is why it is important that you store it in the refrigerator and make sure that you check the expiration date.

Learn How to store lemon juice here​

Once the juice expires, you should not drink it anymore as it can go bad not to mention that it may upset your stomach.

The taste changes and the quality also changes.

4. Does lemon juice need to be refrigerated?

In terms of shelf life, lemon juice has a longer shelf life. But you need to keep it refrigerated.

Once you open it, you need to put it in the fridge to prevent the juice from spoiling. A bottled juice that is unopened can last for about 18 months.

5. Is lemon juice good for the hair?

As with lime juice, lemon juice is not good for the hair. It is still acidic so what happens is that when you apply it on your hair, it strips off natural oils and hair that can make your hair look really brittle and dry.

However, if you have dandruff, you can use lemon juice to get rid of it. If you have really dry, it is not strongly recommended that you directly apply lemon on your hair. (Source)

6. Is lemon juice good for your skin?

Lemon juice is good for the skin. When you search for skincare products from facial cleanser to astringent, almost all of them contain lemon.

It works as a mild astringent that can brighten scars (Source). In fact, if you are having a hard time removing your blackheads, you can simply use lemon and honey.

Apply it on your skin and you will definitely see amazing results. And when you drink lemon juice, it can detoxify body which makes your skin look clearer and healthier.

7. Does lemon juice help fight acne?

With the astringent and brightening properties, lemon juice serves as a natural remedy to help fight acne.

For one, it reduces oil production which is one of the main causes of acne. When your pores are clogged with dirt and your skin excretes oil, it results to acne.

By drinking lemon juice, your body detoxifies which is also beneficial for the body.(Source)

A very cheap and natural remedy, this is a good way for you to combat acne without having to pay for expensive medicines that won’t work. Many would attest for its great benefits for the skin.

8. Does lemon juice burn fats?

Lemon juice whether you drink it with cold or warm water does not burn fats.

Although it is enough to make you stay hydrated, you don’t just rely on lemon juice to get rid of fats.

Having the right diet and regular exercise is the key to maintain the right weight.

Lemon juice can flush out toxins in the body which is essential if you want to burn fats, but it is not enough to say that you can rely entirely on lemon juice alone to get rid of unwanted body fats.

9. Does lemon juice help you lose weight?

Drinking lemon juice alone will not help you lose weight. But if you combine it with regular exercise and healthy eating, it can definitely help you achieve your goals.

Lemon juice is a much better and healthier alternative compared to sodas and other drinks that contain too much sugar.

Plus, lemon juice can also aid in the detoxification process which can help you in your weight loss process (Source). If you really want to lose weight, instead of drinking carbonated drinks and other beverages that are not good for the body, it is better that you drink lemon juice.

10. Can lemon juice cure HIV?

Lemon juice has a lot of benefits. But as of the moment, there are no solid evidence and scientific studies that prove that using lemon juice can cure HIV. (Source)

Until now, many people are still struggling to find the right cure for HIV.

Then again, there are on-going studies with lemon juice being a possible cure for HIV.

11. Is lemon juice diuretic?

It is a natural diuretic which means that it makes you want to pee and makes you feel full.

Before you start your day, it is strongly recommended that you take a warm lemon water to boost your immune system and to get rid of toxins from the body.

This makes it a good alternative to other kinds of drinks and beverages.

12. Does lemon juice lower blood pressure?

Lemon juice lowers blood pressure. It has been used by patients who have high blood pressure.(Source)

This is considered to be a supplementary treatment.

13. Does lemon juice have Vitamin C?

Lemon juice has high vitamin C content which makes it a very healthy drink.

When you drink lemon juice, it boosts your immune system. It makes your body stronger and healthier. With lemon juice high in Vitamin C, it is good not just for your health but also for your skin.

Vitamin C is a very essential vitamin needed to repair damaged cells. It is also crucial in boosting one’s immune system. By drinking lemon juice, you get to have enough dosage of vitamin C.

14. Does lemon juice stop your period?

Lemon juice can stop your period. In fact, one of the drawbacks of drinking lemon juice during your period is that you may experience painful periods.

15. Can lemon juice help you lose weight?

Drinking and relying on lemon juice alone to lose weight will not help you get rid of excess fats and achieve your desired weight.

However, if you replace your usual drinks with lemon juice which is definitely a much healthier alternative, with the right exercise and diet, you can achieve your weight loss goals.

Drinking lemon in the morning makes you feel as if you are full not to mention that it has cleansing and detoxifying properties.

16. Does lemon juice stain?

Lemon juice can effectively remove stains. This is basically one of the reasons why most of the cleaning products that you find in the market have lemons in it.(Source)

It acts as a natural stain removal. Since it is a bleaching agent, it can effectively remove stains on any fabric. If you are having a hard time removing stain at home, use lemon and you will see how effective it is.

17. Is lemon juice bad for dogs?

Lemon juice has a lot of benefits for humans which makes it beneficial even for dogs.

Unfortunately, most dogs don’t like the taste of lemon. And for pet owners, the challenge is to make entice your dog to drink lemon juice.

It has amazing flea repellent properties and drinking lemon juice is nutritious for your pet.

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