Vitamix 6300 vs 7500

Vitamix 6300 blenders use 11.5amps while Vitamix 7500 blenders use 12amps. At the same time, these two blenders both have variable speed. The Vitamix 6300 has Hi/Variable switch whereas the Vitamix 7500 has pulse switch. (vitamix 6300 vs 7500)

When you opt to buy the Vitamix 6300, you will realize that it has five color options while when you buy the other Vitamix 7500, you will notice it has three color options. They have different heights with a container on top.

The Vitamix 6300 is 20.5 in tall while Vitamix 7500 is 17.5 in tall. They both have a 7-year warranty; however the Vitamix 6300 is more cost effective than Vitamix 7500.

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When you buy Vitamix 7500 blender, you will realize it may not be your average kitchen blender, but, however, it is specifically designed to perform.Performance

You will find it easy to make frozen drinks and nutritious smoothies. Also, this machine has been made to crush easily ice, design nut butter, and grind grains and soups i.e. hot soups.

It is a powerful blender that spins over 24000RPMs. This Vitamix is designed to perform and work with speed; however unlike the Vitamix 6300, it can perform at the slow speed of around 500RPMs. It has also been scientifically proved that its speed has the capability of even breaking plant cell walls.

This will help to extract the plant’s nutrition which is trapped inside the cell wall which is impossible for our digestive systems to break through.

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Vitamix, Black 7500 Blender, Professional-Grade, 64 oz. Low-Profile Container

Noise amount

It is familiar to notice that when you use high-speed blenders, then they are too noisy. When you buy the Vitamix 6300, you will notice this disadvantage.

This is a different case when you use Vitamix 7500. This blender is more powerful and has been designed to have extra vibration dampening and increase airflow management. This normally leads to the amount of noise being reduced dramatically.


Vitamix 6300 vs 7500 Newly Designed Container

The Vitamix 7500 blenders are UL rated and can be used when one is at full capacity. They are designed with 64 oz containers that are capable of blending up-to 64 ounces.

The Vitamix 7500 has been designed in a way that consumers can place it on their kitchen counters while using, unlike other Vitamix 6300 blenders. Its short height makes it easy to store under kitchen cabinets.

The Vitamix 7500 also has been designed with a wide blend to enable chopping tasks to be more efficient and easy. This blender is also easy to clean.

Improved Control

The Vitamix 7500 has been designed with variable speed control unlike Vitamix 6300. This feature enables one to control the speed of this Vitamix blender. It works in a simple way i.e. the more you turn the dial, the higher the speed of the blend.

This helps one to finish those tasks that are sometimes difficult. The Vitamix 7500 has been designed with a pulse feature in addition to the variable speed control. This feature helps one to be even in more control to his or her blending. One also can pulse at any given time.



The appearance of these two models differs a lot. The Vitamix 6300 is tall and skinny, whereas the other Vitamix 7500 is short and wide. This Vitamix 7500 is advantageous while storing your blender in kitchen space. It can easily fit as compared to Vitamix 6300.


The Vitamix 7500 has an improved horse power. This difference is small when compared to Vitamix 6300 but helps when one is blending tough mixtures like hummus, shakes or nut butter.


If you are the kind of person who doesn’t take money as a hindrance factor, then I will highly urge you to go for the Vitamix 7500. Its improved system can make all the difference you can never imagine.

Top Reasons to Buy a Vitamix Blender

It is powerful and versatile. Using Vitamix blender, one can easily liquefy ingredients that are tough such as raw beets, raw carrots, pineapple core or kales. You can also make frozen desserts, chop, puree, hot soup, etc.

The Vitamix blender can also stay for long without getting spoilt. They come with a seven-year warranty. These Vitamix blender blend ingredients are thoroughly ensuring one gets all the nutrition and flavor.

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