Why Is Vitamix So Expensive ?

Is baking your passion?

Or are you crazy about Texas briskets or raw juice?

I’m pretty sure you are considering an overhaul of your home cook’s life, and are wondering the big-ticket item you should acquire.

If you like smooth soup, a perfect sauce or are a smoothie person, you might have done your research and found the solution in Vitamix high power blender.

You’re at a crossroad, just like I was, and can’t figure out why Vitamix is so expensive. Feel at home because, I have put this topic together to aid you with an experienced opinion about Vitamix blenders.


When I visited a nutrition-related exhibition and found this blender, I could not imagine forking out that amount. I could not understand why vitamix is so expensive, and yes I tried and I can assure you there are no regrets. Vitamix is simply incomparable to other blenders, reasons

It’s a jack of all trade

Vitamix can blend large quantities of almost anything you want; according to epicurious this is a superman of blenders.

With a power of 2HP, vitamix can blend sticky dough, fruit smoothie, thick dips, creamy soup, boozy blended drinks, chunky nut butter and raw juice from vegetables and fruits etc. The list is endless.

Vitamix heats your soup

When making soup, you don’t need to transfer it to a sauce pot to heat. The soup gets hot while you blend, just finish your soup with salt and it will be ready for consumption.

Vitamix has a tamper

It’s easy for frozen stuff to get stuck in your blender; with vitamix the solution is not found by removing the lid. The tamper allows you to safely push the contents without jamming the blender blades.

Ultimate control

The speed of vitamix blades is manually controlled, giving you the freedom to vary the speed depending on what you are blending. If you are blending mayonnaise you will be able to blend it creamy as you want.


If you are looking to acquire a ‘forever kitchen tool’ that is reliable grab a vitamix blender. It’s worth all the cash and this blender is durable, they also come with a 5-7-years warranty. I know you are now convinced and here are the best options for you.

o Vitamix S-series, this is the cheapest of the three, it has a lesser powerful motor, and smaller in quantity.

o Vitamix C-series, go for the classic vitamix 5200

o Vitamix G-series, it’s the newest option and one of the most expensive.

In case some of you worries are not cleared kindly post the questions in the comments. In the meantime enjoy your blending life with vitamix.

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