15 Meal Prep Pics from the Best Fitness Pros on Instagram

Are you looking for stellar new meal prep tips? When it comes to food, the proof is in the pudding — or, in this case, the pounds you can keep off. 

It’s also said that a picture is worth a thousand words. With that in mind, let’s enjoy a quick romp through 15 meal prep pics from some of the best fitness pros on Instagram.

15. The Lean Green Bean


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A post shared by Lindsay L, RD (@theleangreenbean) on

One of the hottest new profiles on Instagram belongs to The Lean Green Bean. Lindsay L, a registered dietician and CrossFit fan, loves nothing more than to post top quality pics of her food prep choices.

If you’d like to know more about how to prep food in a healthy manner, this is an excellent starter guide complete with plenty of yummy pics.

14. Fit Chicks Cook


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A post shared by Tina Jamison (Chow) (@fitchickscook) on

If you really want to get some fantastic new ideas on meal prep, you should definitely check out the Instagram page of Tina Jamison. Tina is the author of the “Meal Prep Cook Book” and is a longtime expert in this field. 

Her specialty is showing you how to cook the healthiest meals on the tiniest of budgets, all with the minimum amount of energy. This is a philosophy we can definitely get behind!

13. Nmcleoddd


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A post shared by Nicole (@nmcleoddd) on

If you’re looking for some exciting new tips on nutrition, fitness, and meal prep, you should check out the Instagram page of Nicole McLeod. Ms. McLeod has a lifetime’s worth of ISSA Certified Personal Trainer to share with her fans. 

She has also shown the ability to take some of the world’s most fascinating food prep pics. Check out her page to discover more.

12. Meal Prep Mondays


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A post shared by Meal Prep Mondays (@mealprepmondays) on

Meal Prep Mondays is the official site on Instagram for the new “holiday” of the same name. The idea behind this site is to make Monday the official day for healthy meal preparation. 

A wide variety of meal prep experts contribute to this page and are known to post all manner of delicious and exciting meal prep ideas and pics.

11. Fitness Cherry

Fitness Cherry is the great new Instagram page run by Marie Therese Lovgren. Marie is a dental hygienist and longtime foodie who also specializes in bringing her unique meal prep ideas to Instagram. 

Her page is definitely worth a follow.

10. Food Prep Princess


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A post shared by Erin Romeo ✨Nutrition Coach✨ (@foodprepprincess) on

Erin Romeo, known to the Instagram world as the Food Prep Princess, is a nutrition expert whose motto is “Get healthy, get organized, get results.” 

Her classic Instagram food prep pics will definitely give viewers the motivation they need to take control of their health issues by planning healthy meals on a day to day basis.

9. Danny’s Fit Food


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A post shared by Danny ? (@dannysfitfood) on

One of the hottest new sites on Instagram is the account run by Danny, a self-described “TV and radio chocolate expert.” When not doling out the latest knowledge on how to make chocolate, 

Danny specializes in posting exciting proof of her wide healthy meal prep experience. Danny’s Fit Food is an Instagram site well worth your getting to know.

8. Chris Rocchio Fit


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A post shared by Christopher Rocchio (@chris.rocchio_fit) on

Christopher Rocchio is a world renowned health coach and fitness expert whose Instagram page is a great place to find healthy meal prep tips. He also features a whole slew of healthy recipes that will leave your mouth watering. 

And, of course, there’s plenty of pictorial evidence.

7. Floor De Boor Fit


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A post shared by Dutchie getting fit! ? (@floordeboor_fit) on

A self-described “Dutchie getting fit”, Floor De Boor is a longtime contributor to Instagram. Her specialties include professional psychiatry, which brings a whole new analytical edge to her meal prep expertise. 

This is one page where a healthy meal and a positive attitude go hand in hand.

6. Marciacal01


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A post shared by SaladChallenge-DesafiodaSalada (@marciacal01) on

Reading the Instagram page of Marciacal101 may be a bit of a challenge as it seems to be all in Spanish. However, even if you can’t follow the handy healthy eating tips, there’s plenty of excellent pics to draw inspiration from. 

One thing is for certain: She is most certainly an expert at her craft.

5. Fabbylousness


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The Instagram profile for Fabbylousness reveals a nutrition expert and food prep authority whose meal plans are loose, vital, and very fabulous. Her goal is to give you a whole new perspective on classic lunch time staples like meat, potatoes, broccoli, rice, and the like. 

The pics on her profile will give you the inspiration to fire up your own boring food décor with some fresh energy.

4. Annie Tarasova


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A post shared by Annie Tarasova (@annietarasova) on

Annie Tarasova has one of the liveliest and most informative healthy meal prep sites on Instagram. Ms. Tarasova is a vegan foodie whose expertise extends in many directions. 

Currently residing in Australia, her page has introduced the world to the “uni-lunch”, a unique new vegan combination that is well worth looking into it.

3. Squirrel Kitchen


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A post shared by Squirrel in the Kitchen (@squirrel_kitchen) on

The blogger who runs the Squirrel Kitchen page on Instagram really seems to know what’s she’s talking about. She has authored an e-book entitled “The Autoimmune Protocol Made Simple.” 

The main point is teaching people how to cook quick, healthy, and cost effective meals with the definite goal of toxic cleansing and subsequent long term fitness in mind. It’s a worthy concept that we can easily get behind.

2. Kobutachan531


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A post shared by ᗩᴋïʜö ᑕʜïfüᴋü ¨̮⑅ (@kobutachan531) on

Kobuta Chan is a Japanese healthy meal prep expert whose Instagram page is filled with delightful pics and yummy recipes. The page is bilingual in Japanese and English, so don’t worry about not being able to follow along. 

Her expertise as a photographer has yielded some of the web’s most truly Kawaii pics and recipes.

1. Nom Nom Paleo


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A post shared by Michelle Tam (@nomnompaleo) on

Michelle Tam’s Nom Nom Paleo page is a great place to find info on prepping meals with the Paleo diet in mind. Ms. Tam is a New York Times bestselling author, food blogger, and Webby-award winner for her app creations. 

And the pics she posts on her page are a great resource for inspiration on prepping your own meals.

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