The 5 Best Gummy Vitamins To Get Fit with Tasty Treats

The odds are good if you’re leading a busy life, you’re lacking in certain vitamins and minerals. Gummy vitamins make it easy to get what you’re lacking because it’s hard to resist a delicious daily gummy supplement. Choose the best gummy vitamins available to ensure you get everything your body needs.

Advantages of Gummy Vitamins

Typically speaking, enjoying your vitamins is going to mean you are more likely to take them as recommended on a regular basis. You are more likely to develop a vitamin habit when you derive personal enjoyment from taking your vitamins, and vitamin gummies will aid in developing this habit.

Where gummy vitamins were originally designed for children because of their high palatability there is now a wide variety of gummy vitamins for adults as well including multivitamins and vitamins and supplements to meet specific needs.

There are a wide variety of advantages associated with gummy vitamins, including but not limited to:

  • Gummy vitamins are much more palatable than traditional vitamins.
  • Gummy vitamins are convenient to add into any lifestyle.
  • Gummy vitamins come in many varieties to serve a lot of purposes beyond just multivitamins such as supplements for hair, skin and nails, prenatal supplements, supplements intended for children or for specific ailments, and so on.
  • Gummy vitamins are an excellent way to make sure you are getting vitamins and minerals that you are otherwise missing in your diet, especially if you are pregnant or nursing, are older, or have a vitamin deficiency.

Keep in mind that while it is easy to fall in love with all the advantages of gummy vitamins, it is also easy to fall into their trap. Gummy vitamins are not candies, and should not be treated as such. You should not exceed the recommended dosage of any gummy vitamin unless recommended by a physician.

For example, if you take a gummy D vitamin and your physician recommends you take more than the dosage on the bottle, that might be okay. You should not exceed the recommended dosage of a gummy multivitamin, however, which already often exceeds the recommended daily value of many of its contents.

Things to Look for in the Best Gummy Vitamins

It is important when you are shopping for a gummy vitamin that you know what to look for and also what to rule out. For example, you should avoid megadoses of a vitamin or mineral because they do not actually benefit you in any way.

The only exception to this rule is Vitamin D, because the daily recommended value (DV) of vitamin D is 400 IU, which is a lot less than what most people should actually be taking on a daily basis.

If you’re taking too much of other vitamins, such as vitamin A for example, you could actually cause a risk of liver damage or birth defects so make sure that you read the label of your vitamin gummies and don’t take too much of anything you don’t actually need.

You might also want to consider a gummy multivitamin that is specifically geared toward you, either in terms of your age or your gender. For example, men’s formulations and senior formulations generally do not contain any iron because these groups do not require it, whereas you will find that women’s formulations specifically contain additional iron because women often need extra iron. You may find additional benefits in a vitamin formulation tailored to your specific “group.”

If there is a specific vitamin or mineral that you know you need to supplement, make sure that the brand you purchase isn’t coming up short. Some brands or varieties won’t offer everything you’re looking for. Don’t be afraid to comparison shop and look at the labels of a few of your favorite brands to make sure that you are choosing something that you can rely on to deliver not only the specific vitamins and minerals you’re looking for, but also low calorie, low sugar and low carbohydrate results as well.

You can accomplish this by looking for a gummy vitamin brand that relies on natural sweeteners in lieu of high fructose corn syrup, coconut oil and other unnecessary additives.

What goes into your body should be an important consideration and remember that these are vitamins and not candies.

The Best Way to Use Gummy Vitamins

Although gummy vitamins are delicious it is important to make sure that you are taking them as recommended and never taking more than you are supposed to. Gummy vitamins are not candy even when they taste that way, and so you definitely should make sure that you are taking only the recommended dosage per day.

This is especially important when you consider that many gummy vitamins contain a combination of both water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins some of which you can overdose on if you take too much at one time. Overdosing on gummy vitamins may not seem like a big deal when your vitamins are tasty and sweet, but the long term ramifications can mean damage to your organs, birth defects, or other serious issues that you won’t notice until they are irreversible.

Keep in mind that food always trumps vitamins of any type, and you should be supplementing your vitamin and mineral needs with gummy vitamins only when you are not getting what you need through your diet. The best thing that you can do is to speak your physician and find out what you might be lacking before you start supplementing too heavily with gummy vitamins. Although it can be easy to start taking a lot of gummy vitamins, if you don’t need a lot of heavy supplementation you may end up doing more harm than good.

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Gummy Vitamin Reviews

Vitafusion Simply Good Complete Multivitamin

Flavored with honey and fruit juice, Vitafusion has opted for natural sweeteners to create this 13 vitamin and mineral blend with a natural blackberry flavor. The serving size is two gummies and only contains a total of 3g of sugar, offering a simple ingredient list despite a quality list of vitamins and minerals. Vitafusion’s Simply Good line of vitamins are free of high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors and flavors, gluten, and dairy. This makes them a good choice for individuals who have sensitivities to allergens who are seeking a good gummy multivitamin.


  • This gummy has a good amount of vitamins D and B.
  • This gummy has a low sugar content considering the delicious flavor.
  • The bottle contains 120 gummies, constituting a 2-month supply.


  • The blackberry/honey combination is not for everyone.
  • The gummies have a sugary coating which can be a turnoff. 

Nature Made Gummy Vitamins

Nature Made’s gummy vitamins are a popular choice for gummy vitamins because they are USP verified, meaning that they have been tested and found to meet very specific requirements set out by United States Pharmacopeia. Nature Made products claim to be specially formulated in a way that takes age, gender, and life stage into account, which includes not only their multivitamin line but also their special formulations. In addition to vitamin gummies, Nature Made also offers fast-dissolving vitamelts as well. Their multi vitamin offers a variety of different flavors, including orange, cherry, and mixed berry. These gummies are free from artificial flavors, preservatives, yeast, and gluten.


  • United States Pharmacopeia Verified.
  • Contains Iodine and Zinc, which many other vitamin gummies do not.
  • Only 5-15 calories and 1-3 grams of sugar per gummy.


  • Chewier texture than many other brands of gummy vitamins.
  • Contains gelatin, and therefore not vegetarian or vegan.
  • Inconsistent flavor, as there are three different flavors in the bottle.
  • Prone to melting in warmer temperatures.

Nordic Naturals Nordic Berries

The Nordic Naturals brand of gummies offers a multivitamin (Nordic Berries) as well as a vegetarian-friendly Omega 3 blend, Probiotic gummies, and a number of other popular blends. Nordic berries are free from dairy, GMOs, gelatin, and gluten, and they are certified vegetarian-safe by the American Vegetarian Association as well. Nordic Naturals Nordic Berries offer a sweet-and-sour citrus flavor, and are full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants making them an intelligent choice for both children and adults. These vitamins offer the full recommended daily dosage of a number of vitamins and minerals including A, C, D3, E, zinc, and the full spectrum of B vitamins in both the adult and child versions of the gummies.


  • Certified vegetarian-friendly, both for the multivitamin and the omega-3 varieties.
  • Excellent choice if you are looking for an immune boosting vitamin.
  • Gelatin-free gummies makes this a solid choice for vegetarian and vegan users.


  • Sweet-and-sour citrus flavor may not be for everyone.
  • Serving size is greater than most other gummy vitamins.
  • 9 carbohydrates per gummy.

Olly Gummy Vitamins

Olly gummy vitamins rely on research by a naturopathic physician to deliver a bit of a unique twist on vitamins and minerals. You will generally find additives that aren’t in traditional vitamin and mineral mixes, such as spearmint, dandelion, Aronia berry and other natural supplements that can aid in health and wellbeing. Olly’s vitamin gummies are specially formulated, with a multivitamin blend for women, for men, for children, and more. The kids multi is available with a probiotic built in. Each has a distinct flavor. For example, the “perfect women’s multi” has a berry flavor. The “perfect men’s multivitamin” which contains lycopene and zinc is blackberry blitz flavored.


  • Unique flavors and multivitamin blends for different purposes.
  • Many different varieties to choose from.
  • Many varieties contain superfoods such as acai and elderberry.


  • The specific variety you need may not come in a flavor you prefer.
  • Some of the flavors and smells are a little weird.

Hum Gummies

Hum Gummies are popular because they contain proven ingredients and offer a variety of specialty blends for purposes like hair growth and healthy skin or weight control. Each Hum product is specially formulated for a specific purpose, such as “Glow Sweet Glow” which contains hyaluronic acid to help hydrate the skin and stimulate collagen production or “Hair Sweet Hair,” which offers biotic and zinc along with folic acid and fo-ti to help grow healthy, beautiful hair. All of Hum’s products are vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free.


  • Products are free of artificial colors and preservatives.
  • Products are free of allergens, vegan, and vegetarian.
  • Special formulations contain unique ingredients such as collagen-builders and PABA.


  • Hum does not seem to offer simple multi-vitamins.
  • Products may be difficult to find in traditional markets.
  • Hum products are less cost-effective than other vitamin gummies due to their ingredients.

Our Choice

Although each of the gummy vitamins reviewed above offers benefits and drawbacks, the clear winner of the roundup above is Vitafusion Simply Good Complete Multivitamin. We chose Vitafusion Simply Good Complete Multivitamin because we think relying on natural sweeteners really goes a long way. Because it can be easy to consume too many gummy vitamins forgetting that they aren’t a snack, we think it is important to treat these vitamins as exactly what they are–a natural supplement. By utilizing natural sweeteners and relying on natural ingredients rather than sugars and other sweeteners, Vitafusion Simply Good Complete Multivitamin keeps things simple without sacrificing sweetness.

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