Top 5 Weight Lifting Gloves for Women

Wearing weight lifting gloves when exercising is a personal decision that you make. It is likely that if you are a frequent weightlifter, you’d know its importance. Weightlifting gloves are excellent especially for women who have soft hands. It helps you get a good grip on the weights and increase your comfort while working out.

Weightlifting gloves are the unique garments that women can wear on their hands when lifting weights. The gloves are primarily for your hand safety and comfort while exercising.

How to choose the best Weightlifting Gloves

It is crucial to consider relevant factors when deciding on what type of gloves to buy. The practice enables you to obtain gloves that provide maximum benefits for your weight loss regime.

When choosing the best weight lifting gloves for women, make sure that you select weightlifting gloves that have wrist support. Some of the hand gloves have straps that allow you to adjust the grip to fit your hands. The straps are useful in preventing the gloves from coming out during your weight lifting sessions. You can also find out which design is best for you, the open finger design or the closed one.

Look for a return policy when choosing to buy the hand gloves. A return policy provides you with an opportunity to go and test out the gloves. You can then return them if they are not suitable or comfortable for you. The return policy helps you check for various things such as the comfort, how well they fit and if they slip from your hands.

Determine the purpose for buying the gloves before making a purchase. Are you purchasing to protect your palms from blisters? Do you want a good grip? Or do you just want to keep your hand dry? Depending on your purpose, you will be able to choose the hand gloves that suit your purpose. For example for non-sweaty hands, you can go for neoprene weightlifting gloves.

The material of the gloves affects how well you lift your weights. The weightlifting gloves are from various materials such as leather, synthetic, and neoprene. The synthetic materials are useful in removing moisture from your hands. The leather material can provide you with a firm grip when weight lifting.

What are some of the benefits of using Weightlifting Gloves for Women?

The most significant advantage of using weightlifting gloves is that they help in getting the firm grip while lifting weights. It works by reducing the sweat on your hands which weakens your grip. Slippery hands may cause accidents that are fatal. The gloves help you get a good grip that enhances your safety.

The best weight lifting gloves for women are instrumental in protecting the skin from developing blisters and calluses. Weight lifting for a long time without gloves may cause severe blisters in women. They may make you stop lifting weights for sometime after they develop to allow healing.

The gloves increase the pressure capacity. The increased pressure capacity allows you to improve your lifts and reduces the strain on the wrist. You will be able to exercise beyond your limits.

The gloves which have the supporting wrist straps are competent in providing support. The straps act as other tendons when wrapped around the wrist. The support allows you to exercise without experiencing any injuries on your wrist area.

Things to look for that differentiate between Women Gloves and Men Gloves

Most women who go to buy gloves do not know that there is a difference between men’s gloves and women’s. Some of us end up buying men’s gloves which are not appropriate for our work out regime. There is a vast difference between men’s gloves and those that belong to women.

Women gloves come in a variety of colors such as pink and purple. You will also find out that the women gloves come in smaller sizes than those of men. The dimensions are small to fit the smaller hands of women.

Women gloves are way more comfortable than the others. The material used in the design offers heat regulation properties. The fabric has the sweat-wicking capability to keep your hands dry during a workout.

What are some of the precautions you need to take?

Many advantages come with using weightlifting gloves. However, it is critical to take various precautions when using them. The first thing you need to do is maintain a high level of hygiene. Wash the gloves regularly to avoid buildup of bacteria that is dangerous to your health.

Avoid tight gloves as they may limit your blood circulation. Do not tightly put the straps on the wrist as it may end up limiting your grip. A limited grasp is dangerous as it causes life-threatening injuries when lifting heavy weights.

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Five Best Weightlifting Gloves For Women

RIM Sports Gym Gloves

The RIM sports gloves for women are among the best that you can get in the market. Their design favors women in regards to comfort and functionality.


  • The gloves come in multiple colors, sizes, and styles that fit the different tastes of women
  • The gloves are multipurpose. You can use them in all other gym related activities apart from weight lifting
  • They have a lightweight material that makes weightlifting easier for women
  • They have a wrist strap that provides optimal support when lifting weights
  • They use non-slip materials and therefore reduces slipping incidences while working out
  • The fabric used in the design allows for adequate breathing and thus preventing any excessive sweating
  • The gloves contain 100% leather material which makes it last longer
  • The Velcro strip used in the gloves enable you to bend your wrist without any strain


  • Sometimes you may find that the Velcro tab is extended and therefore it may get in your way while lifting weights which possess a safety risk
  • The material is composed of a dye which may sometimes come off with excessive sweating. When it does, it may cause staining of your hands



The Harbinger Women Flex Fit

Most of the women rate the harbinger flex fit as the best women gloves in the market. Most women know it because of its visual attractive and appealing nature. Its fabric is purely leather and nylon which allows it to provide the comfort women need when exercising.


  • The gloves contain the antimicrobial treatment. The treatment helps in avoiding bacterial infections and bad odor that arises due to excessive sweating
  • You can get the gloves in various sizes and colors providing a variety of alternatives to choose from
  • The manufacturers make use of the leather material in making the gloves. it thus gives the consumer the benefits of easy maintaining and washing
  • The gloves contain various layers which are naturally flexing to provide the user with comfort while lifting weights
  • There is the existence of tech gel pads which provide optimum protection the palms and thumbs during exercise


  • The finger holes made on the gloves may become too extensive for some women with slim hands
  • The padding provided may wear out and become unusable for those women who lift too heavy weights and more frequently

The Gripper Training Gloves (-Fit-Four)

Different women have varying tastes when it comes to buying and using gloves. The gripper training gloves will allow you to have all the preferences you want. The glove is unique in that it does not have the full finger length.


  • The material has thin padding that allows you as the user to feel the bar of weight due to close contact. At the same time, it still offers you the protection you need against getting blisters
  • The gloves are suitable to the individuals who want to use gloves that do not cover the full fingers. You are therefore able to touch gym equipment and feel them when still wearing gloves
  • The gloves contain a silicone hexagon textured grip that prevents you from slipping or damaging your skin
  • The silicone, leather, and lycra materials that make up the gloves are light, and thus it makes weightlifting less burdensome
  • The gloves are multipurpose. You can use them for other activities apart from weight lifting such as rope climbing
  • It is effortless for you to put on the gloves and remove them without any difficulty
  • The product comes with a plastic pouch that you can use to store and transport the gloves to and fro the gym
  • The gloves allow for an air flow which helps in reducing the moisture content and any discomfort from heat build-up


  • The longevity of the gloves may become limited due to overtime stretching of the gloves with time
  • The gloves do not provide any support or protection to the wrist which may pose a safety risk to the user

MIMI Grip Power Pads

The MIMI grip power pads for women allows them to take up regular and heavy weightlifting exercises. The gloves come when they are padded well to support heavy weightlifting. The features enhance the grip among women wishing to lift heavy weights.


  • The gloves come with a one year guarantee in which you can replace them or receive a 60 days money back assurance
  • The gloves come in various appealing colors for women such as pink
  • The rubberized pads provide excellent traction on the weight one lifts. The property increases your safety during exercise and strengthens your ability to lift weights
  • The padding also protects against developing any form of blisters or calluses
  • The tabs placed on the gloves allow for effortless wearing and removing from the hands
  • The gloves design favors the small feminine hand sizes
  • It has an adjustable wrist closure mechanism where you can set to suit your fit preferences
  • Although the gloves have thick paddings, they allow for a natural flow of air and eliminate excessive moisture


  • The thick padding may become disadvantageous to the women who like to feel the grip of the bar. There is thus little contact with the bar of the weight

RDX Gym Weight Lifting Gloves

While some women may prefer plain gloves, some may opt for the decorated type. The RDX provides you with a more decorated kind of gloves containing sparkles. It may be an excellent option for you if you care and like to look good when exercising.


  • The knuckles placed between the fingers allows the hands to move naturally during movements
  • There is a high level of flexibility for your fingers during the exercise
  • The gloves help in reducing hand fatigue among women
  • The gloves are comfortable for you to clean and maintain
  • The padding found on the gloves helps in preventing against the formation of calluses or blisters
  • The padding allows your hands to breath through the proper flow of air


  • The gloves may be too decorated for some women

Top 5 Weight Lifting Gloves for women

Our Choice

Among all the types of gloves mentioned above. The one that stands out is the RIM sports gloves. Anyone can use the gloves due to the simplicity they provide without significant limitations. RDX has a defect in that they have sparkles and thus not everyone will buy them.

The MIMI gloves, on the other hand, have thick layers of padding that may not be preferred by all people. The gripper does not have a full finger length, and that may pose a limitation to some users. The Harbinger flex fit also has the drawback of not fitting into the slim hands of women. RIM remains to be a perfect choice even for beginners.

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