Beat Flab. Best Estrogen Blocker for Men

Losing weight and getting health is a common goal. There are several things you can use to work toward this goal. The best estrogen blocker for men is a solid choice. However, before buying one, it is important to understand how this type of supplement works and how to make the best choice.

Learning more about estrogen blockers for men helps you to decide if this is a supplement that can help you with your goals. There are several things to learn more about before making your choice.

Estrogen in Males

To understand the potential benefits of this type of supplement, it is imperative to know the basics about estrogen in men. There are three types of estrogen, including estrone, estriol and estradiol. In men, the primary estrogen active in the male body is estradiol. It is vital for men’s health, playing a role in proper sperm development, and brain and joint health.

If the balance of estrogen and testosterone falls out of balance in men, the following health issues are possible:

  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Weight gain
  • Female-type breast tissue development (gynecomastia)
  • Increased stroke risk
  • Prostate issues

Why Consider Estrogen Blockers

The primary reasons men take estrogen blockers is to improve their muscle mass and lose weight. They may also balance estrogen levels when testosterone and anabolic supplements cause an increase in estrogen, according to research published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism. (1)

The common claim is that by reducing estrogen levels, a man’s testosterone levels will increase. With more testosterone in the body, it will be easier to build lean muscle tissue. Research shows that estrogen blockers are effective for increasing testosterone levels, according to a study in the British Journal of Pharmacology. (2) In fact, the testosterone increase may be as much as 50 percent.

Estrogen Blocker Ingredients

There are several ingredients used in estrogen blockers that have some research backing them. Zinc is a common estrogen-blocker ingredient. It is also an essential micronutrient that people need to survive. Research shows that this mineral may help with lowering estrogen, as well as increasing overall testosterone in the body, according to research published in Archives of Andrology. (3)

Boron is a trace mineral that can have a positive effect on estrogen and testosterone levels in men. One study published in the Journal of Trace Element in Medicine and Biology concluded that with a week of taking 10 milligrams a day, men experienced: (4)

  • A 39 percent reduction in free estrogen levels
  • A 28 percent increase in free testosterone levels
  • A 10 percent increase in dihydrotestosterone levels
  • A significant decrease in certain inflammation biomarkers

Grape seed extract contains a phenol called procyanidin that works to increase nitric oxide levels naturally. This ingredient is able to block the biosynthesis of estrogen when it works to inactivate the aromatase enzyme, according to research published in Cancer Research. (5) Taking supplements with this ingredient may be more beneficial when you take them on an empty stomach as this may increase the bioavailability, according to research published in the British Journal of Nutrition. (6)

Resveratrol is a type of polyphenol with antioxidant properties. This ingredient works to inhibit the aromatase enzyme. This contributes to its ability to suppress estrogen and boost testosterone levels, according to research published in Toxicological Sciences. (7)

Tongkat ali is a Malaysian herb that is present in many estrogen-blocking supplements. The research shows that this herb is able to inhibit the aromatase enzyme, according to research published in Planta Medica. (8) This effect can contribute to higher testosterone and lower estrogen levels in men.

Diindolylmethane (DIM) is among the most popular ingredients in estrogen-blocking supplements. DIM is a compound that comes from a phytonutrient referred to as indole-3-carbonol. DIM has been shown to be effective to reducing estrogen levels in the body. This is partially due to its ability to modulate estrogen metabolism, according to research published in the journal Thyroid. (9)

Side Effects of Estrogen Blockers

It is possible to experience some side effects when taking estrogen-blocker supplements. Joint, bone and muscle discomfort are all possible when you are taking this type of supplement. Since these supplements have an aromatase inhibitor effect, it is possible that they could have a negative impact on bone density levels, according to research published in HHS Author Manuscripts. (10)

Research published in Current Clinical Pharmacology cites a possible cardiovascular health risk. (11) The risk of deep vein thrombosis was discussed in research published in the Annals of Oncology. (12) Other possible side effects may include hot flashes, vertigo, nausea, constipation, skin itching and depression.

Using Estrogen Blockers

Using estrogen blockers is similar to using other supplements. Always read the label and do not take more than it tells you to. Taking more of the supplement could lead to potentially harmful effects. Follow the other instructions as well, including how much water to drink with each dose and whether you should take the supplement with a meal.

Make sure that the ingredients in the supplement do not adversely interact with any medications or other supplements that you take. Talk to your doctor to ensure that the supplement you choose is safe for you. Lastly, ensure that your chosen supplement is one that is high in quality so that you are getting the benefits you seek with an estrogen-blocking supplement.

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ESTROTRAX The Smart Estrogen Blocker

ESTROTRAX The Smart Estrogen Blocker contains multiple active ingredients, including tongkat ali, grape seed extract, stinging nettle and DIM. You only need to take two capsules with each dose. Make sure to consume eight ounces of water per dose to ensure optimal digestion.

This supplement promises that it is not too strong with its estrogen-blocking effects. The ingredients promise to be pure, helping to ensure optimal effectiveness. This supplement works to support hormone levels so that a man’s estrogen levels do not become too high.

Those on special diets or people with certain allergies are generally able to use this supplement. This is because it does not contain wheat, corn, soy, dairy, shellfish, tree nuts, artificial colors, gluten, yeast, animal products, fish, peanuts or eggs.


  • The supplement is gentle on the GI tract
  • Causes less bloating compared to similar supplements
  • The capsules are easy to swallow


  • It leaves an odd aftertaste

Androsurge Estrogen Blocker for Men

Androsurge Estrogen Blocker for Men does not have any artificial preservatives, fillers and dyes. This supplement works as an estrogen blocker, aromatase inhibitor and testosterone booster. The primary ingredients include DIM, grape seed extract, vitamin D, eurycoma longfolia extract and rhodiola root extract.

This supplement is in capsule form so that you do not have to measure out each dose. You can use it with food or without to help reduce the risk of nausea. Take this supplement before two of your meals. Each dose is one capsule with eight ounces of water.

The supplement states that all of the ingredients have research backing them, and that the formula uses clinical doses. The ingredients are bioavailable meaning that you receive the substance that the label states.


  • This supplement appears to improve energy
  • It is easy to take
  • The ingredients are all natural


  • May cause thirst
  • May cause nausea

AnaBlox Xtreme Estrogen Blocker

AnaBlox Xtreme Estrogen Blocker works to reduce estrogen levels while increasing testosterone levels. This supplement states that it indirectly increases testosterone while naturally lowering the levels of circulating estrogen in the body.

This supplement contains three different ingredient blends. This includes common natural ingredients present in estrogen-lowering and testosterone-boosting formulas, including fenugreek extract, resveratrol and tongkat ali. It also contains ingredients to support the liver since the liver plays a role in processing and removing estrogen from your body. This could help to further reduce circulating estrogen levels.

This supplement comes in a capsule form, making it easy to take. You can take it with food or without food. Each dose is two capsules. You should consume eight ounces of water with every dose.


  • This supplement appears to increase daytime energy
  • It may help to reduce acne
  • This supplement seems to enhance mood


  • May cause a headache
  • May cause constipation

Pride Nutrition E-Block Estrogen Inhibitor

Pride Nutrition E-Block Estrogen Inhibitor is a simpler supplement with three primary ingredients. These include calcium, chrysin and DIM. This supplement does not contain any fillers and the ingredients are all natural.

This supplement works to block estrogen while aiding in the reduction of bloating and body fat. It says that it also supports healthy skin and the liver. The calcium present in the supplement may help to promote better cholesterol balance.

This supplement comes in the form of capsules that are not too big, making them easy to take. Each dose is two capsules and you only take this supplement once a day. The recommendation is to take it with dinner, or your latest meal of the day. Consume eight ounces of water with each dose.


  • This supplement helps to reduce bloating
  • It appears to promote energy
  • This supplement may help to reduce acne


  • It may increase acne temporarily

Estrotase Maximum Strength Estrogen Blocker

Estrotase Maximum Strength Estrogen Blocker works as an estrogen blocker and an aromatase inhibitor. The supplement states that there are studies to back up the effectiveness of the ingredients. The ingredients are all-natural, and they include maca, grape seed extract, kudzu root, tongkat ali, DIM and chrysin. It also contains boron and zinc.

The formulation of this supplement is for those looking to gain muscle and lose weight. It works to balance estrogen levels so that this hormone does not burden the level of testosterone in the body.

This supplement is in the form of a capsule that is relatively small and easy to swallow. Each serving is three capsules. You can take each dose with food or without it. Make sure to drink approximately eight ounces of water with each dose.


  • This supplement appears to promote energy
  • It is easy to take


  • The supplement may have an unpleasant aftertaste

Our Choice

Our choice is ESTROTRAX The Smart Estrogen Blocker. This supplement contains several ingredients that research backs regarding reducing estrogen levels in the body. The ingredients also support healthy testosterone levels in the body.

This supplement says that its effects on estrogen are not overly strong, helping to have a gentler effect on the body. Because of this, the supplement is gentle on the GI tract and less likely to encourage bloating compared to supplements that have similar ingredients.

This supplement is easy to take. It comes in capsule form and you can take it with food or without. It is also free of numerous ingredients that may cause allergies or digestive upset.

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